Terms and Conditions

Although we really like to joke around, we are very serious about some things. We want you to be satisfied, so we have agreed on the General Terms and Conditions so that you, as our Customers, are aware of everything and that we do not run into unpleasant situations. We know we won’t, but we recommend you read it.

general business terms

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the Terms) govern the rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of a business relationship between an e-commerce service provider: Krokodil, obrt za umjetničko stvaralaštvo, vl. Dragan Kordić, Zorzići 65a, Viškovo, OIB: 36122497541 (in hereinafter referred to as “Crocodile”) and to the purchaser of the products and services (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”).

If you have decided to order our products, this means that we are entering into a business relationship, that is, we enter into a Distance Selling Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) and we believe that you know all of the above conditions of business. The Crocodile reserves the right to amend these Terms without notice, and with public notice.

We want to work with you for mutual satisfaction and that is why it is important for us to keep everything clear and loud. Therefore, please read the Terms below.

These Terms govern the relationship between the Client and the Crocodile, ie: the terms and manner of ordering the product, the price of the product, the method of payment, warranty, complaints and return of goods, delivery of goods, confidentiality of personal information and other issues related to the use of the Shop and purchase. Everything is in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia, primarily the Trade Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Crocodile collaborates with trusted printers in product development. Print quality is high, but there are certainly discrepancies in live colors and on your screen. The product photos on this site are for illustrative purposes and do not necessarily correspond to the actual products, and as such the Client cannot advertise on this basis.

Products and services are charged at the prices indicated in the Shop on the day of ordering the product.

Conditions and manner of ordering goods

The copyright holder of the website www.crocodileprints.com is a Crocodile who, through the said site, provides a sales service through its e-commerce service (hereinafter: the Shop). By using the Shop service and all associated sites and services on www.crocodileprints.com, it is considered that the Client is at all times aware of these Terms and fully understands and accepts them. These Terms shall apply to the rights and obligations arising from the purchase of the Product through the Shop and the rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of the Distance Selling Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement) between the consumer as the end customer and the Crocodile.

Use of Crocodile Prints e-commerce services is authorized exclusively for adults. The use and use of the Shop by children or minors is not permitted and parents and / or guardians are obliged to take care of it and assume all rights and obligations arising from such use, and the Crocodile is not responsible for any consequences of such use.

Orders are executed when the Client completes all the actions required to order the product, which includes the selection and quantity of the product, entering the delivery information, and making or committing to pay for the service and the products through the available payment methods.

Products are ordered electronically. By clicking the “Add to Cart” button, the selected product is added to the shopping cart. Products are considered to be ordered at the moment when the customer goes through the entire billing / payment process, depending on how the payment is selected. The crocodile makes it possible to buy as a guest user. The Purchaser is allowed to purchase all available products and the entered information is used only for immediate purchase but will not be stored in the Shop’s customer base.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide accurate and complete information, and if an ordering error occurs, he may notify Crocodile as soon as possible at hello@crocodileprints.com. If the order has already been processed, the Crocodile will not be able to make changes.

When you decide to order products via eCommerce at www.crocodileprints.com, you must know that they are made through WooCommerce. In the event that the specified service has problems with the operation affecting the delivery time of the product and the ability to execute the order, the Crocodile is not responsible, but will inform the public in due time of the difficulties. The crocodile will endeavor to eliminate the difficulties encountered as soon as possible and carry out the orders responsibly and in good quality. Hopefully this won’t happen, but it’s important that you know.

Collection / Payment of goods

The Client agrees to make payment for the ordered goods to the Crocodile according to the available payment methods in the Shop. Payment for goods is possible according to the proforma invoice / offer (1), shipment (2) and via PayPal (3).

The Client is obliged to pay the goods on the pro forma invoice within 3 days after which the Crocodile cannot guarantee the availability of the item. Upon confirmation of the order, the Client will receive the e-mail address entered